Services | Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing & Quality Assurance
System Inspection, Quality Control & Bug Finding

We set up adequate processes while introducing the standards of quality to ensure the software corresponds to specifications, detect and solve software related errors & flaws.

Usability Testing

Our team inspects the convenience of your web application, website or portal for the end users followed by identifying usability issue & advise on potential improvements to help you deliver a product that serves your target audiences’ usability expectations to the fullest.

Functional Testing

We explore the function of your web application according to all technology and business requirement and report on the identified issues.

Compatibility Testing

We explore the flawless function of your website or web app in various environments: such as the use on different devices (mobile devices, tablets, laptops & etc), across different operating systems, in different browsers and others.

Performance Testing

We test the level of performance of your web solution under any amount of planned load and reveal the stress, load, scalability and reliability issues in your web solution.

Web Security Testing

We help you address the security vulnerabilities of your website or web app as early as possible.

Web Testing Automation

Our web testing specialists would ensure high quality and improved performance of your web solution with our best practices in testing automation.

How We Work?
Analyzing Project Requirements

The initial steps in the stages of software development lifecycle.

Planning the Process & Preparing Test Case

Build efficient testing activities & choose the most appropriate testing tools and techniques to conduct effective testing.

Testing, Analyzing & Reporting Test Results

Testing and reporting on identified bugs and offer methods to fix them & avoid in future.

Why work with us?
We start off with solution and platform consulting to help our clients obtain a clear vision of the IT solution they intend to implement .
Professional Staff

We have application development and software development backgrounds respectively .

We provide the end users long lasting and reliable solutions for a wide range of applications.
Exceptional Quality

We are proactive while developing new products using latest technology.

We sincerely value learning from the experience and expertise of our partners, as we act on high-priority problems of practice.
Significant Goal Achievement

We share our experiences through social media platforms and presentations to a wide range & variety of audiences.